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We build silence: sound-insulating panels made of PVC
Anti-noise systems in recyclable and innovative material

Le Difese® Panel 160 noise barrier is a sound-absorbing and sound-insulating environmental system, designed to meet the needs of noise reduction in the road, industry and building sectors. It consists of panels made of an extruded tubular single body, being closed and rectangular, without any joints; it is characterized by a perforated side and a nonperforated one, an internal sound-absorbing mat and two end plugs with structural functions.
The panels, handleable assembled, are superimposable in work by means of a specific guide that keeps them vertically aligned one on the other.

Every component of our noise reduction barriers (main structure, end plugs, internal sound-absorbing mats) is made of plastic materials 100% recyclable.
These extruded sound-insulating panels are cut to the desired length (usually 3-4 meters) and drilled on one side to guarantee proper sound-absorption. Thanks to the extrusion process it is possible to obtain differentiated and optimized thickness: increasing or reducing it on the most or less stressed points of the panel.

The use of PVC for the outer body is advantageous under different points of view. PVC is self-extinguishing to flame, grade “V0”, therefore it does not require the addition of flame retardants; moreover, it is highly resistant to chemicals (ammonia, gasoline, oil, naphtha, etc.). This material also ensures low maintenance costs; the panels are repairable on site as regards small damage, using special adhesives that melt the material restoring its integrity. It is also “passivating”, i.e. the thin external oxide film developed over the time, operates as a protective filter. Furthermore, the fact that it does not require any painting treatment and it is not vulnerable to galvanic corrosion allows advantages in terms of environment (no dispersion and waste of paint and metal oxides) and economic benefits (cost reduction).
NOISE Le Difese® Panel 160
Modular PVC sound-absorbing panels
Reducing acoustic pollution respecting the environment

Our company designs, develops and installs PVC noise panels able to reduce every type of acoustic pollution made by vehicular traffic, industrial productions and other manufacturing activities.

Our sound-absorbing panels have modular structure, with a rectangular shape and are made as a unique tubular extrusion without junctions. For the production of the panels we use high quality materials to ensure acoustic performance unaltered over time and maximum resistance to external agents (chemical and atmospheric). Moreover, our panels are made for more than 90% from recycling. The components of our acoustic barriers in PVC can be 100% recycled.
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