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We build silence: sound-absorbing cladding made of plastic material
Anti-noise systems in recyclable and innovative material

The “LeDifese® Wall” is a sound-absorbing barrier to reduce noise.
This system is designed to be fixed by means of special aluminum supports, on a bearing structure (concrete, masonry, plasterboard...) having suitable static characteristics. The panels are made of partially recycled plastic material (PC-ABS, PVC, PC or PP) depending on the specific use.

All the components of our noise barrier (panel body, end caps, internal sound absorbing mat, dyes) are completely recyclable.

The box-shaped casings are 30 - 40% perforated on the total surface. They are provided with an inner mat made of recycled polyester fiber or mineral fibers, and a diffusion and ventilation chamber.

All single components having a nominal size of 50x50cm (equal to 4 single elements for each square meter of covered surface), are equipped with a special system to hook them to the aluminum support, at the same time connecting all elements to each other. All details are studied to allow correct thermal expansion, leaving the panel stability and geometry unchanged.

The aesthetic shape of the individual elements, combined with a range of colors at the customer’s choice allows the creation of suggestive geometries.

Noise "LeDifese Wall®", CE marked, complies with the UNI-ENI 1793 standard for acoustic performance and with the UNI-ENI 1794 rules for mechanical performance.

Noise LeDifese® Wall
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